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Yoga Sleuth Took The Bridge Yoga Class

“There’s no one way to practice yoga,” Sara Walshe reminds us on her website. Yoga Sleuth agrees, and thus was excited to try Sara’s special fusion of the Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles, fittingly called The Bridge. She teaches it Monday through Thursday at the Ashtanga Yoga Shala studio on the Lower East Side, providing a continuity of practice that’s hard to come by in our city of ever-changing teacher rotations and schedules. . . ."

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An undercover yogi took my class!

"After a week on the sidelines with a winter cold, Yoga Sleuth was ready to start all over again from the beginning. Luckily, Sara Walshe at Pura Vida in Prospect Heights had the same idea. 'I want to share with you the first Yoga Sutra,' she announced as the full house of yogis settled into the studio. . . ."
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Yogi(ni) Reviews

I have been attending Sara's yoga classes for just over a year, and she's fantastic!  From her calming voice and persona to her physically challenging classes, it's exactly what I need out of my yoga practice.

I started yoga therapy as part of a recovery programme from a debilitating accident nearly 14 years ago - and it really helps keep my back strong and my body flexible.  Sara's class not only focuses on strengthening the core, but also has a sense of meaning.  She follows the traditional teachings of yoga and the yoga sutras.  I like that, as it's important for me to stay consistent with the original teachings, and not get carried away with westernised hype.  Sometimes there is no need to 're-invent' the wheel - yoga is one of those things, or it's just not yoga anymore.

I highly recommend Sara's classes - she has an incredible energy, varying routines that will keep you on your toes (literally at times) and for this classically trained dancer, her classes are certainly not easy, though she offers variations to beginners and makes everyone feel welcome.  She also has a great playlist!

--AJ Lehman

Sara does an excellent job of explaining poses and engaging with each student to make sure your potential is reached in each pose. I really appreciate the emphasis she puts on removing any ego from the class. I find ego can often shift the energy of a class a great deal and Sara does a wonderful job of making sure each student focuses on their practice and ability within each class, not the practice of others or the expectations we tend to put on ourselves.


Whether a beginner or advanced this is the instructor to take a class with.  She is hands on and always gently encouraging her students to try poses they may not necessarily be comfortable with at first. 

Sara has the rare ability to focus in on each of her students so no student is ever lost in the class.  This in turn brings the students together as a group who are of one mind and breath enjoying the practice of yoga together!

I highly recommend taking a class with Sara, you will be hooked!


I have been very fortunate to be a student of Yogi Sara for the past two years. I came to Sara’s class as a total yoga newbie and am so grateful I tried her yoga class. She has this great way of explaining how to flow through each pose and how one’s alignment should be. She always makes sure we are in perfect alignment, that we are doing the pose correctly and always reminds us to breathe which is super comforting. She takes the time to help each one of us in our poses. I look forward to each class and I leave her class each time feeling more connected with myself, relaxed and grounded. You’ll definitely get a great workout with Sara. Her vinyasa style is perfectly paced, builds heat throughout the class, and eventually cools us down. She always ties in some yogi wisdom which I love. She truly wants to share the benefits of her practice with us.  I can easily say that Sara is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She has great energy and a wonderful yogi spirit. She made me fall in love with yoga! I highly recommend Sara’s class to all yoga lovers out there!

--Justine Giordano


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