This announcement is so big, I feel like my heart could burst.  

THE BRIDGE(yoga class)

I am BEYOND excited to share that I have been invited to teach a new class that I have created, THE BRIDGE(yoga class), at a very special space, the Ashtanga Yoga Shala, in the East Village.

The Ashtanga Yoga Shala has been my home for the past two years, where I began and continue my journey practicing ashtanga yoga under the guidance of the learned, Guy Donahaye. It is an absolute honor to teach in this studio. 

What is more, I have developed a new class, THE BRIDGE, which you can read more about below. I hope you will join me nightly at the Shala, from Monday toThursday of each week, 7:30-8:30PM

THE BRIDGE starts on Monday, October 20th


A kick-off party will be held at the Shala on Thursday, October 16th, from 8-10PM. We will gather together, befriend one another, and share in snacks and sips. 

It will be a great way to dedicate the space for this new beginning and I would be honored if you came! 

About THE BRIDGE(yoga class)

THE BRIDGE(yoga class) is a unique combination of two yoga disciplines: ashtanga and vinyasa. Most yoga students are familiar with vinyasa (commonly known as "flow yoga"), whereby yoga postures (asanas) are sequenced together in variety of ways almost like choreographing a unique dance for each class.

Ashtanga, by contrast, is an intelligently designed fixed sequence of asanas where each posture builds on the strength and flexibility gained from the prior posture. The ashtanga sequence is the same each time.

THE BRIDGE(yoga class) bridges these two disciplines. It includes the hallmarks of the ashtanga practice, including the opening mantra, the traditional sun salutation sequence (surya namaskar) called out in sanskrit and the closing postures. But, it also allows for freedom to explore poses outside of the ashtanga sequence, giving the practice some space for freedom and fun.

THE BRIDGE is a perfect class for those who want to see what ashtanga is all about, without having to get up before the sun rises each day or commit to the practice for a month or longer. It is also perfect, however, for those who love ashtanga, but miss playing with poses outside of the series. 

Please join me for THE BRIDGE. I promise it will be a unique, fun, empowering exploration of the body and mind. 

The Ashtanga Yoga Shala is located at 295 8th Street (at the corner of Avenue B).  Come to the shala and take THE BRIDGE.