The Bridge Yoga Class

--The bridge class is on summer break--

Check back in the Fall for updated schedule.  Enjoy your summer!


The Bridge yoga class is a community-focused class that brings together yogis who are looking for a warm and welcoming yoga studio.  The Bridge class is accessible for all levels of yoga practitioners, from beginners to advanced.  

I initially designed the class as a way to offer two styles of yoga, ashtanga and vinyasa, in one class experience.  The Bridge class bridges the two styles of yoga: ashtanga and vinyasa.  Most students are familiar with vinyasa (commonly referred to as "flow" yoga), where yoga poses are sequenced together in various ways, almost like choreographing a unique dance for each class.  Ashtanga, by contrast, is an intelligently designed fixed sequence where each pose builds on the strength and flexibility gained from the prior posture.  The ashtanga sequence is the same each time. 

The Bridge yoga class draws from both of these disciplines

and brings together the best of both worlds.  

When offered the opportunity by my teacher to teach at the Shala, I jumped at the chance to create an unique yoga experience that is accessible and welcoming to ALL yoga students, no matter their practice level or experience.  As I have taught the class, I have come to witness that the concept of "the bridge" extends beyond just bridging two schools of yoga; it also creates bridges between yogis, people who are like-minded and like-hearted.   

Come experience The Bridge yoga class 

all are welcome