My Intuition Told Me To Do It

One thing that I'm reticent to talk about freely, but feel so passionately about, is how my yoga practice has strengthened my intuition.  As a lawyer (did you know I'm a lawyer? Yup, a full-time practicing attorney right here - more on that another day), whose work relies on reason and fact, my intuition isn't exactly something I can cite to when making a legal argument.  

But as a yogi, teacher, and human being, my intuition has played an enormous - and magical! - role in my life.  

I have had so many intuitive experiences and have learned so much about how to strengthen this muscle, that I'm dying to share all of this information with you, which is why I am offering a workshop on the topic!

I think I have been hesitant to speak about intuition because, perhaps incorrectly, I worry that some people perceive it as some sort of woo-woo hippy dippy thing.  But the more I talk about it with others, the more I realize that intuitive experiences are something we have all had happen in our lives, even if not everyone realizes that what they have experienced is their intuition talking.  

Which leads us to ask, what exactly IS intuition?  Yes, it's in part that "gut" feeling we have about something.  The dictionary defines intuition as:

Direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process.

Mainly, I think of intuition as that inner voice that resides in all of us that, as the definition states, speaks the truth.  The problem is that often, our brain and the voice of reason, speaks louder than our intuition.

The thing is, if we are able to quiet the voice of reason and empower the voice of intuition, it can be an incredibly useful tool in life.

Even more fascinating, to me, is that once I started to listen to my intuition, and even asked for its input, I saw and heard it everywhere!  Especially in synchronicities.  ALL THE TIME in synchronicities!  To the point where it almost got comical the way it would pipe up at the most conspicuous times, like it refused to be ignored. 

A perfect example of this is taking the risk to offer this workshop in the first place.  Though I believe everyone has an intuition muscle and that we've all experienced the intuition at work, I have wondered whether people would really be interested in attending a 2-hour workshop on it??  Would it make me seem crazy to offer this workshop?  Maybe.  But I feel compelled to do it, like I almost don't have a choice in the matter.  My intuition is telling me to do it, where my reason is giving me doubts.  

But here's the craziest thing, as I was explaining this intuitive compulsion to do the workshop to my accountant-husband, a most magical synchronicity happened that even convinced him, the most rational man I know, that there's something to all of this intuition/synchronicity stuff.  

We were sitting in a burger joint having dinner (tuna burger for this pescatarian, lest you should worry), and I was telling my husband why I'm offering this workshop.  He, Mr. Level-Head, worried that there wouldn't be enough interest in the workshop (his worry was in a loving way, not unsupportive).  So I proceeded to give him my most impassioned explanation, feeling that I had made a very good case for it.  And he responded, "Okay, cool."  To which I replied, "Okay, cool?!?! That's it??  Here I've just laid out something that is so special and meaningful to me and all you can say is, 'okay, cool'?"  My rant was partly in jest, but also a little serious.  And then, as if perfectly timed, my friend responded to a prior text message with, "Okay, cool."  HA!  I showed it to my husband and he just completely guffawed.  

It was as if the universe handed me the perfect tool to show him that there are signs everywhere, encouraging us that we are on the right path, and we just have to use our intuition to see and acknowledge them.  

So I'm asking you to join me, to learn more about intuition and synchronicity and how we can use the yoga practice to tap into all of it.  Find out all of the information here.  Peace and namaste.