Yoga Retreat Magic

This time last week I was on the road, heading down to rural Maryland to co-lead my very first yoga retreat.  I remember as I was driving down, I was trying to gauge my expectations for the weekend.  But I couldn't.  I had never led a yoga retreat nor had I even attended a yoga retreat myself.  I had nothing by which I could measure this weekend.  Nonetheless, the experience absolutely blew out of the water any expectations I could have even mustered.  The retreat was pure magic.

We held the retreat in an old farmhouse looking out on rolling hills.  Though the weather was gloomy and rainy outside, we hardly noticed.  We were warm and cozy next to two fires we kept roaring the whole time.  The house had a special energy to it that was palpable.

And while I felt that the pace and schedule of the weekend went well, what I could not have anticipated was just how easily the group felt comfortable and cohesive in this type of setting.  Very quickly we felt like old friends and we were able to share our hopes and struggles, feeling safe and supported by each other.  This, to me, was so much more valuable than learning the proper alignment of chaturanga (which is saying a lot, because I kind of have a soap box passion for chaturanga alignment!).

What is more, I had the honor of leading this retreat with one of my longest and closest friends, Erin.  Erin and I are so similar yet so very different and we were able to bring two different energies and perspectives to the retreat.  It could not have worked out better.

We received so many requests to hold this retreat annually, so the wheels are definitely turning.  What I know for sure is that the experience showed me just how special it is to get away with other like-minded souls, interested in learning and going deeper into self-examination.  It's hard to achieve this kind of depth in an hour-long yoga class.  My excitement for retreats was sparked by this experience, so keep an eye out for future retreats!