It's Make it to the Mat Month!

You guys, it’s DecemberDecember!  How did this happen?  Seriously, how??  I cannot wrap my head around the fact that we are entering the last month of the year.  The last quarter of this year has been an absolute blur.  I feel like my body is in December, but my mind is still back in early September.  The end of the year usually feels like it comes quickly, but this year it has hit me harder than normal.  I gave a lot of thought to why this is and then suddenly the reason bonked me over the head as being so obvious I’m almost embarrassed to share it with you, but here goes: since mid-August only a ton of major life events have occurred…

1.      My husband and I bought our first home together, which we then spent many many weekends devoted to getting up and running

2.      I created Heartbeat Yoga and got it up and incorporated as an LLC

3.      I created The Bridge yoga class and threw a launch party

4.      I started teaching The Bridge 4 nights a week (on top of my full time job as a lawyer and teaching private clients)

5.      I became an aunt for the first time!

So yeah, I think the last few months have whirred by because I’ve hardly had time to come up for air!  It’s all been amazingly wonderful stuff, but to say it’s kept me busy would be an understatement. 

Here’s my BIG secret: when my life gets this busy, the first thing to give is my yoga practice.  GASP.  I know.  Of all people, this girl, completely obsessed with all things yoga and I stop practicing yoga!  What?? 

But it somehow becomes the easiest thing to lose.  I’m guessing you know what I mean. What’s completely idiotic is that yoga should be the ONE thing we hold on to when life gets crazy.  Yoga is what keeps us grounded, in both a literal and figurative sense.  To be aware of the feeling of our bodies touching the earth.  To give the mind the time and opportunity to be present.  These are the ways in which we stay grounded when everything else around us spins madly. 

So here we are, in December.  I refuse to allow the last month of this year, 2014, a year that brought me so much happiness and abundance, to whiz by without the chance to stop and savor it.  And with the holidays and revelry and the overindulgence that comes along, the opportunity to lose one’s grounding is so easy to do. 

So I am making a commitment to MAKE IT TO THE MAT at least once a day.  Even if it’s just to take child’s pose.  And I invite you to join me.  Let’s do this together – strength in numbers, yeah?

You can start tonight by coming to The Bridge yoga class at 7:30PM!  See you there. xo